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Kursus ini memberi pengetahuan kepada pelajar tentang konsep agen dan juga sifat serta komponen yang terlibat dalam agen maklumat. Selain itu ia juga mendedahkan pelajar kepada contoh-contoh umum penggunaan agen dalam kehidupan seharian. Pelajar akan didedahkan kepada contoh-contoh senibina pembangunan agen dan juga konsep bagaimana agen berkomunikasi menggunakan bahasa komunikasi KQML (Knowledge Query Manipulation Language). Terdapat 2 kaedah ataupun metodologi pembangunan agen yang diperkenalkan iaitu MaSE (Multi Agent Software Engineering) dan juga Agent Oriented Software Development Process (AOSDP) bagi pembangunan agen. Diakhir kursus pelajar dapat mengetahui hubungan di antara agen dengan persekitaran dan juga maklumat berdasarkan kepada contoh-contoh yang diberikan sepanjang kursus.

This course gives students knowledge about the concept of agent and the nature and components involved in the agent information. In addition, it also exposes students to examples of common use in everyday life agents. Students will be exposed to examples of architecture, the concept of development agents and how agents communicate using communication language KQML (Knowledge Query Manipulation Language). There are two methods or the introduction of an agent development methodology that is Mase (Multi-Agent Software Engineering), and also Agent Oriented Software Development Process (AOSDP) for agent development. At the end of the course, students will learn the relationship between the agent and the environment as well as information based on the examples given throughout the course.

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WordNet Configuration


This is Configuration WordNet For Gate.

  1.  Instal Wordnet (The Latest One)
  2.  Do Two things
    1. change the number attribute of the version element to match the version of WordNet you are using.
    2. Then edit the value of the dictionary_path parameter to point to your local installation of WordNet (this is /usr/share/wordnet/ if you have installed the Ubuntu or Debian wordnet-base package.).

Download : Link 1 [MF]
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